"Drawing the spaces between objects
Is a basic exercise in the artroom.
And so the spaces between the
Fixations of our consciousness.
Seeing the gap in our continuum
And daring to enter it
Into the other side
The bits we normally ignore
And forget in our effort to preserve our mortality
Our inner space as infinite
As the universe around us
One and the same
And yet most of the time we are asleep."

Zangmo Alexander, Journal Entry

Visual artist Zangmo Alexander creates luminous, multi-layered mixed media abstract paintings, drawings and photographs exploring the mind, spirituality and meditation. 

Her art work is in private and public art collections in the UK, USA and Europe. She has appeared on Channel 4 TV, and gives talks and lectures on Meditation, Mindfulness and Art Practice.

Zangmo's life has been a spiritual journey: following seven years as a Buddhist nun, Zangmo returned to lay life in Suffolk UK, where she continues to practice art and meditation. You can visit her studio by arrangement to view original paintings, drawings, books and prints for sale, or commission bespoke artwork created for your own individual requirements.

Zangmo Alexander holds a Master's Degree in Fine Art, and is a qualified Art Teacher and Mindfulness Based Creativity Coach. 

Zangmo also offers private, One-to-One Creative Art Lessons and Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching sessions for individuals wishing to discover their own nature and express themselves more authentically through art. 

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