These exciting new Creative Art Workshops and Photography Workshops with Zangmo Alexander in Botesdale, on the Norfolk Suffolk border are in tiny groups of no more than four people, ensuring you get loads of individual guidance.

All workshops include organic refreshments and art materials for you to explore.

As spaces are limited, please book early on 01379 897393.

Bespoke art and photography workshops at times to suit you are also available.



Beginners Introduction to Drawing Workshop

Sunday 13th May, 10.00-4.00, £50.00

Everyone Welcome. Materials and refreshments included. Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

For absolute beginners. Step by step instruction in drawing simple natural forms and shading from observation.

An excellent foundation for further both drawing and painting workshops.

Beginners Watercolour Painting Workshop

Saturday 23rd June, 10.00-4.00, £80.00

Includes all art materials to take home with you. Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

Beginners welcome.

Learn skills in creating basic washes to take home and practice

abstract painting workshop.jpg

Abstract Painting Workshop

Sunday 22nd July, 10.00-4.00, £80.00 including acrylic paint or oil paint and a canvas

Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

An introduction to creating an abstract painting from photographs or drawings.

mandala painting workshop.jpg

Mandala Painting Workshop

Saturday 11th August - Sunday 12th August,10.00-4.00, £160.00 including art materials

Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

Mandalas are circles and other symmetrical shapes which occur in the sacred art of many traditions worldwide.

Using simple mindfulness meditation we will design and paint our own mandalas.

Familiarity with art materials and some form of mindfulness is helpful. 

drawing workshop.jpg

Drawing Light and Shade Workshop

Sunday 20th May, 10.00-4.00, £50.00

Everyone Welcome. Materials and refreshments included.Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

Learn the essential skill of creating blended gradations of light and dark shading (without smudging with fingers!) using a variety of drawing materials.

Skills learned can be applied throughout all drawing and painting.

flower painting.JPG

Georgia O'Keeffe and Flower Painting Workshop

Saturday 7th July-Sunday 8th July, 10.00-4.00. £180 including all art materials. Take home your drawings and paintings. 

Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

Georgia O'Keeffe was an American artist who created large, colourful, stunning paintings magnifying small parts of flowers.

We will make drawings of small parts of flowers, which we will enlarge to make an oil or acrylic painting on canvas to take home.

Basic drawing and shading skills needed.

art for self expression workshop.jpg

Art For Self Expression Workshop

Sunday 29th July, 10.00-4.00, £80.00

Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

Explore creative ways of loosening up and expressing yourself freely and spontaneously using a range of drawing and painting materials.

art and meditation workshop.jpg

Introduction to Art and Meditation Workshop

Saturday 18th August - Sunday 19th August, 10.00-4.00, £160.00 including art materials

Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

INTRODUCTION TO ART AND MEDITATION WORKSHOP opens the door to integrating art and meditation so that art becomes part of a path of self awareness, and increased awareness can be a place from which to make art.

A taster weekend for the new 3 month Art and Meditation Course starting in September. We will learn simple awareness and mindfulness meditation, integrating these with drawing and painting.

Suitable for complete beginners to both meditation and art. 

oil paining workshop.jpg

Beginners Oil Painting Workshop

Saturday 2nd June - Sunday 3rd June, 10.00-4.00, £180.00, including all materials and a canvas to take home. 

Everyone Welcome. Tiny group, book now 01379 897393. 

Learn simple colour mixing and blending with oil paint.

Create a simple oil painting on canvas to take home.


Mindful Photography Workshop

Sunday 15th July, 10.00-4.00, £50.00. Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

Increase awareness and appreciation of oneself and the everyday world through simple exercises in mindful seeing and being using your camera. 

Please bring your own camera.

There will be no instruction in using a camera, so please ensure you know how to use it.

mindful drawing.jpg

Mindful Drawing Workshop

Sunday 5th August, 10.00-4.00, £60.00 including all materials

Tiny group, book now 01379 897393

Explore personal and authentic ways of picturing your mind in its stillness and movement.

Regular mindfulness or awareness meditation experience needed. Some familiarity with art materials is useful, but not essential. A willingness to play with art materials with an open mind is essential!