When I was a younger man, art was a lonely thing. No galleries, no collectors, no critics, no money. Yet it was a golden age, for we all had nothing to lose and a vision to gain. Today it is not quite the same, it is a time of tons of verbiage activity, consumption. Which condition is better for the world at large, I will not venture to discuss. But I do know that many of those who are driven to this life are desperately searching for those pockets of silence where we can root and grow. We must all hope we find them.   - Mark Rothko

We are all naturally creativeCreativity is what we do, and is not limited to art. Creative ex­pres­sion through art can be­come a jour­ney of dis­cov­ery in which you can learn to rest in the es­sence of who you really are and cre­ate nat­ur­ally from that.

When we are blocked or straining to be someone else's idea of what we should be, it is really difficult for genuine creativity to flow naturally. There is too much inner noise. We can feel resistant, anxious, frozen and stuck. 

Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching sessions with me can help you safely learn to relax, be aware, present and authentically creative. 


About Zangmo Alexander

A qualified, experienced Life Coach, Creativity Coach, Art Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher and Artist, I offer confidential, supportive long and short term Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching to anyone wishing to be more themselves, awake, aware and creative. 

A member of The Association for Coaching and the Creativity Coaching Association, I abide by their professional code of conduct.  

I practised mindfulness and meditation for over twenty years, receiving Shamatha, Mahamudra and Dzogchen teachings from revered Tibetan masters as well as doing a secular 8 Week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course with the University of Bangor. From 2007-2014 I was an ordained Buddhist nun.

I have a deep un­der­stand­ing and ex­per­i­ence of the chal­lenges and joys of cre­at­ive pro­cesses in the visual arts, meditation and in life generally.  I have 30 years' ex­per­i­ence sup­port­ing cli­ents in dis­cov­er­ing fresh ways to in­teg­rate their deep­est val­ues with au­then­tic, cre­at­ive ex­pres­sion in any art or pho­to­graphy me­dium and more widely in their work and personal life.  


Who is Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching for?

Anyone willing to go for it, wanting to move forward in your personal or professional life where creativity, in whatever form, is an important element

  • You may be at the start­ing post want­ing to start finding ways to be more cre­at­ive
  • Perhaps you are pick­ing up an in­terest put down many years ago and unsure of where to start
  • You might feel stuck, blocked, confused or unsure of how to free yourself and move forward
  • If you are a professional creative wanting to move your practice forward, coaching can include start up and moving an existing business forward. Often, self employed creatives do not have business skills and need to learn them if they are to make a living.
  • Maybe you are going through a life transition such as returning to doing art after a gap to raise a family or do other work, divorce, illness, mid life crisis, career change or retirement
  • Maybe you are wishing to build con­fid­ence and self es­teem, cla­ri­fy­ life pur­pose and mean­ing, discover a new life­style bal­ance or develop a project

How can Creativity Coaching help me?

De­pend­ing on your in­terests and needs, we can work at deeply per­sonal levels and also at very prac­tical, nuts and bolts levels – they are not mu­tu­ally ex­clus­ive and are often both needed!

Writing-for self-discovery.jpg
  • Work through the blocks, procrastination, resistance, fear, anxiety and negative beliefs sabotaging your personal, creative and professional development
  • Clarify what is really important, authentic and meaningful in life for you what are your core values, aspirations, goals and beliefs that make life worth living and creative work worth doing?
  • Maybe you are deeply wishing to reconnect with your love of doing art that you experienced many years ago and need support with this to find confidence, focus or learn skills while you get yourself going doing art work.
  • Mindful Creativity Coaching can be part of a path of healing, self discovery and personal development, enabling you to find a way to sustain combining doing creative activity with chronic illness such as ME, MS, physical disability, clinical depression and stress. While I am not an art therapist, I do offer therapeutic approaches integrating mindfulness, meditation, spiritual counselling, art teaching and life coaching to help you connect with and express your deepest self.
  • Are you wanting to go professional with creative practice but not sure how to do this? If you are a creative professional, you may be wanting support with business plans, or professional development to move your business forward, deepen and progress your creative work, change direction in what you are doing or market your work.
  • Time Management and prioritising: Often we have a lot going on in our lives, and women in particular find difficulty making time to nourish themselves through doing drawing, painting or other creative art activities. If you are really keen to integrate doing art into you life, creativity coaching can support you in learning to balance creative work with other areas of your life, such as relationships, physical health, social and family life.
  • Creativity Coaching can be part of your CPD, tailor made to cater for what you would like to explore and learn.

totally personalised, confidential Cre­ativ­ity Coach­ing Ses­sions, creativity coach retreats and creativity coach intensives are available in person, by skype or phone at times to suit you, including weekends and evenings

If you would like to explore options, just give me a ring on 01379 897393

Enquiries: 01379 897393   Testimonials Zangmo has been in­spir­a­tional and en­cour­aging. Very often, I have doubts of my abil­it­ies to paint, but my time with Zangmo has shown me how I can un­der­stand and ad­dress these de­bil­it­at­ing thoughts that can in­hibit my cre­at­ive­ness and the need to ex­press my­self. G.R, Kent Dur­ing my 3 day re­treat you helped me to identify coun­ter­pro­duct­ive habits that have been in­hib­it­ing my growth. I felt that we made real pro­gress and that I left with a dif­fer­ent out­look on what I want to get out of the next chapter in my life.  Your ex­per­i­ence as a prac­ti­cing artist, teacher and coach com­bined with the fact that you wasted no time in get­ting down to what really mat­ters to me meant that this was a very valu­able 3 days and money well spent.  Thank you! Geor­gina B, Lon­don These ses­sions have helped me to define my broad goals, to set short term tar­gets and to find the con­fid­ence to ex­pand and ex­plore my work as a tex­tile artist. B.B, Nor­folk