Would you like to have Personalised,One-to-One Art Lessons

  • At times to suit you?
  • Learning what most interests you in art?
  • Discovering exciting, creative ways to express the real you through drawing and painting?
  • Progressing at your own pace with art?
  • In a relaxed, informal atmosphere with an inspiring, knowledgeable, experienced Art Teacher, Art Tutor, Creativity Coach and Artist?

Ex­plor­e and ex­per­i­ment creatively with a wide range of exciting art materials

Explore Pen­cil, Soft Pas­tel, Hard Pas­tel, Oil Pas­tel, Char­coal, Ink, Wa­ter­col­our Pen­cil, Wa­ter­col­our Paint, Wa­ter­col­our Cray­ons, Ac­rylic Paints, Oil Paints, Gou­ache, Mixed Media, Col­lage, En­caustic, Pho­toshop and Pho­tomont­age

Discover your own personal artistic expression

There is no one right way to do art, so no house style! Any­thing goes, no rules! Explore an ex­cit­ing new tool­box of cre­at­ive pos­sib­il­it­ies,  de­velop new skills, un­der­stand­ing and con­fid­ence for your own unique cre­at­ive jour­ney.


Experiment with traditional and modern ways of making art

Discover new ways of expressing yourself through art and photography while exploring themes that excite and interest you!

Learn the basics of drawing and painting with encouraging guidance

De­velop skills and con­fid­ence and begin to ex­plore media, themes, ideas of per­sonal in­terest. Start to really ex­press your­self through creative drawing and paint­ing.

Learn how to de­velop cre­at­ive ideas and per­sonal in­terests into art pro­jects.

Learn how to pro­gress personal ideas from mak­ing stud­ies through to fin­ished paint­ings. Experiment with art media such as wa­ter­col­our, gou­ache, ac­rylics,oils or mixed media.


Benefits of Private Art Tuition with Zangmo

Flex­ible Times

Private Art Ses­sions can be day­times, even­ing and week­ends to fit in with your other com­mit­ments. Ses­sions can be from 2 hours to as many days as you want, so you can make a lovely Art Break, Paint­ing Hol­i­day or Cre­ativ­ity Re­treat here in Botesdale, in rural Suffolk.

Flex­ible pay­ment

Just pay as you go for each art les­son as you have it, so you don't have to pay a whole term's fees in ad­vance.

Flex­ible places to learn

Com­bine several different ways to learn, for example:

  • face-to-face ses­sions
  • email
  • Skype
  • Phone ses­sions, so you can learn at home. This blen­ded learn­ing works very well in provid­ing on­go­ing sup­port to keep you going if you can only visit me oc­ca­sion­ally.

Flexible approaches

  • Learn tra­di­tional, rep­res­ent­a­tional ap­proaches, or ex­per­i­mental, con­tem­por­ary ap­proaches
  • Com­bine Art Tu­ition with Pho­to­graphy Tu­ition, Cre­ativ­ity Coach­ing, Mind­ful­ness and Art, or Art and Med­it­a­tion
  • Progress at your own pace

Encouraging, experienced art tutor

An extremely experienced and qualified Artist, Art Teacher, Life Coach, Creativity Coach and Mindfulness Teacher, I will en­cour­age and support you to de­velop in the way that feels closest to your heart.

Completely personalised learning

Completely personalised, encouraging, one-to-one learning experience: choose ex­actly what it is you want to learn in each Art Lesson.

To­gether we agree what we will do in each ses­sion - you set the pace. I will sup­port and guide you so you get the very best out of your ses­sions.

Creative freedom

Freedom to express yourself and discover your interests: There is no 'house style' - some stu­dents work in rep­res­ent­a­tional ways, while oth­ers are more ab­stract.

You may be in­ter­ested in tra­di­tional genres such as still life, nature, land­scape, the hu­man form, the head, or you may be drawn to contemporary themes such as self an­d iden­tity, mind­scapes, ab­strac­tion, move­ment, time, en­ergy, the ele­ment and so on.

I will help you discover art themes which are most meaningful for you.

Explore a wide range of art materials free 

Experience different art materials for free, including pen­cil, char­coal, pen and ink, pas­tel ac­rylic paint, oil paint, wa­ter­col­our paint, gou­ache, mixed media, col­lage, image and text, pho­tomont­age.

Confidential creativity coaching to help free your creative blocks

If you feel stuck with cre­at­ive blocks or other is­sues sab­ot­aging your cre­at­ive de­vel­op­ment, I am also a qual­i­fied Life Coach and Cre­ativ­ity Coach with pro­fes­sional skills to help you move through these is­sues.

Art Les­sons
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