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One-to-One Pho­to­graphy Lessons
personalised to suit your in­di­vidual in­terests and needs


Learn Pho­to­graphy with a qual­i­fied, en­cour­aging and ex­per­i­enced Art/Pho­to­graphy Teacher, Artist and Pho­to­grapher with a Mas­ters De­gree in Fine Art of­fer­ing qual­ity step-by-step learn­ing in an in­formal, friendly at­mo­sphere


Benefits of learning photography with me

Be in con­trol of your learn­ing

De­cide what you want to learn, and I help you learn it in a way that suits how you learn best. Pro­gress at your own pace, so you won't get be­hind or feel bored wait­ing for other people to catch up.

Minimal Techno Jargon

Techno jar­gon is min­im­ised, with the focus on help­ing you de­velop your per­sonal in­terests cre­at­ively.

Try photo editing software for FREE!

Flexible times

At­tend your one-to-one Di­gital Pho­to­graphy classes at any time, in­clud­ing day­time, even­ing or week­end to fit in with your life­style.

Pay as you go Photography Lessons

Just pay as you go for your pho­to­graphy les­sons, with no ex­pens­ive termly pho­to­graphy tu­ition fees to find up front!

Progress from beginner to advanced

I have a creative, fine art ap­proach to pho­to­graphy up to A level and Mas­ters De­gree level, so if you want to take your work to a high level artist­ic­ally I am able to help you with ideas, meth­od­o­logy and so on

What can I learn in my Photography Lessons?

How my di­gital cam­era works

I take you step by step, at your own pace, cov­er­ing the top­ics which mat­ter most to you

How to take more ex­press­ive, cre­at­ive and in­ter­est­ing di­gital pho­tos

Learn creative photography: creative use of the camera and learn­ how to de­velop a cre­at­ive pho­to­graphic pro­ject

Learn how to cre­ate, save and open folders and files in your com­puter

Many people have prob­lems ne­go­ti­at­ing their way round a com­puter's fil­ing sys­tem. Just bring along your laptop and I will take you step by step through the pro­cess until you feel con­fid­ent and com­fort­able - once you get it, you don't for­get!

How to im­prove and edit di­gital pho­tos in the com­puter

It is sur­pris­ing how quickly you can start hav­ing fun im­prov­ing your pho­tos and cre­at­ively edit­ing them!

How to cre­ate bet­ter qual­ity di­gital prints

Get­ting a good qual­ity print often is not just a ques­tion of press­ing the but­ton on your printer

How to de­velop a cre­at­ive pho­to­graphy pro­ject

Learn how to ex­plore ideas of per­sonal in­terest through pho­to­graphy and cre­ate a book, port­fo­lio or album of your work

What Clients Say

I have found the 20 hours of pho­to­graphy train­ing in­valu­able. From simply point­ing and shoot­ing and hop­ing for the best, I now un­der­stand how to use my cam­era more ef­fect­ively and have more con­fid­ence in using my cam­era. I look at the world in a dif­fer­ent way, es­pe­cially how the sun­light can change sights I see daily. I also love look­ing for shapes and con­trasts between old and mod­ern. Zangmo has been very pa­tient and is a very good teacher. She was quick to work out how I would best learn and what to teach me when I didn't really have a clue.

From Sue Ec­cle­stone, Nor­folk: Pho­to­graphy Tu­ition

How to Book Photography Lessons

All enquiries and bookings, to discuss what you would like to learn and ask any questions: 01379 897393