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We are all creative. That is our nature. Everything we do, think and feel is creative.We are also trying to be happy. Sometimes our efforts to create happiness in our life cause us more suffering than joy.

When, for whatever reason, we feel blocked, depressed, anxious, confused or are trying to be someone else's idea of what we should be, this is reflected in our creative expression and enjoyment of life. Our actions can feel frustratingly frozen, limited and often not open or flowing - in other words, stuck.

Mindful Life Coaching and Creativity Coaching can help you free this stuckness. Everyday life, relationships, work, transitions, spirituality and creative expression - whether through art or in some other way - then become an enriching journey of self discovery in which you are more authentically yourself and create naturally from that.

I offer a safe, confidential space via Zoom, phone, or face-to-face in Suffolk UK in which you can freely explore and move through your personal, professional, spiritual or creative issues.  In a relaxed, informal atmosphere, I support your journey using - in agreement with you - a variety of approaches drawn from extensive experience in coaching, therapeutic art, mindfulness, meditation, art teaching, practising as a professional artist and mentoring.

"I want to thank Zangmo Alexander for her help and support with some serious issues in my life. She is a caring, supportive individual that can almost see into your soul. She has helped me clarify many recent issues plus helped with an "action plan" for dealing with these issues. Her coaching is incredibly astute and personal. I would recommend those of you considering coaching to contact Zangmo."

- K.G. Thetford

"Thank you so much for yesterday, it really was wonderful and I feel a renewed sense of inspiration and focus, thanks to you and your fantastic coaching skills!"

-P.B. Norwich

"I feel amazingly freed - I don't feel as if I am now carrying round the burdens I was carrying when I walked in through the door. Zangmo has enabled me to feel better even in one session. I am looking forward to learning more and practising what I learned today"

- J.M, Bury St Edmunds


Your coaching can be very concrete or deep and profound - often both are needed as we explore personal, spiritual, emotional, energetic dimensions and practical action plans.

What clients say

"I have come such a long way with Zangmo as my coach, her help and support on a professional and personal level has been invaluable. I'm currently setting myself up as a hypnotherapist and she's been brilliant, both in helping me edit my website's content, and supporting me with personal issues that have stood in my way. When I've lacked confidence and even felt like giving up, it's been so wonderful to have Zangmo there, fighting my corner every step of the way.


I've found that Zangmo's training as an artist has been invaluable, she's helped me see that I am also creative. I've even made some art work to help me express how I wanted to move forward, which I've found so healing and nurturing. She is also very good at keeping me focused, gently but firmly bringing me back to my intention for each session. I have a tendency to wander off point and have found this very professional, it has helped me gain clarity in my thoughts and actions. I did have a previous life coach who let me wander all over the place, which to be honest, just meant I was self indulged and got very little done.


Zangmo's prices are also very affordable, I simply could not afford to see a life coach in London where I live. Personally, I think everyone could benefit from the input of a dedicated and professional coach. Zangmo is  creative, dedicated, and professional, the perfect mix. I cannot praise her highly enough."

-J.G. London

How can Mindful Creativity Coaching help me?

  • Explore ways of dissolving the blocks, procrastination, resistance, fear, anxiety and negative beliefs which sabotage your personal, creative and professional development


  • Clarify what is really important, authentic and meaningful in life and creative practice for you – what are your core values, aspirations, goals and beliefs that make life worth living and creative work worth doing?

  • Develop the confidence, focus or skills to get yourself going with creative activity

  • Support and clarity returning to doing art after a gap, or are going through a life transition, career change or retirement

  • Support on your path of healing, self discovery and personal development, enabling you to combine creative activity with ME, MS, physical disability, depression and stress

  • Help connecting with and expressing your deepest self - explore integrating mindfulness, spiritual counselling, creative expression and coaching

  • Support going professional with creative practice, including making a business plan, or if you are already a creative professional, support with professional development to move your business forward, deepen and progress your creative work or change direction

  • Support for women: women often find difficulty giving themselves permission to nourish themselves through creative activities. Mindful Creativity Coaching can support you in learning to balance creative work with other areas of your life, such as relationships, time management, physical health, social and family life and spirituality

  • Mindful Creativity Coaching as CPD personalised for what you want to explore 

About Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves being aware of and paying attention to what is happening, as it is happening. This includes awareness of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, thinking, feeling, and bodily energy as we experience them. Meditation can be used in a secular way just to relax and improve health and well being, or it can also be part of a path leading to enlightenment, or waking up to who we really are at the deepest level.


Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be able to stop thinking in order to learn to meditate! We just need to be aware of whatever our experience is. By becoming more aware of ourselves, we begin to notice knee-jerk reactions to situations and challenges which cause us unnecessary suffering.


With practice, our minds can begin to relax and become open to choosing new, more beneficial ways of responding. With more practice we begin to appreciate ourselves and the world around us with more awareness, clarity, wisdom, love, joy and compassion. We make friends with ourselves and our experience.

The origins of mindfulness

While Mindfulness can be learned in a non religious way, it can be useful to understand the background to mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation is an awareness practice originating 2500 years ago in Buddhist meditation practices and other spiritual traditions worldwide. For Buddhists, meditation and mindfulness is a spiritual practice which can lead to enlightenment, or the full realisation of who we are in our essence.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

For centuries meditators, doctors and healers in eastern traditions have found that mindfulness and meditation improve health and well-being. Recent scientific research has documented how regular meditation and mindfulness helps many health problems, including heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain, cancer, immune problems, stress and depression. The NHS has now taken Mindfulness on board.


Mindful Life Coaching and Mindful Creativity Coaching

Mindful Life Coaching and Mindful Creativity Coaching aim to help you become more aware so that you are better placed to make choices that really help you integrate who you are with what you do. As an awareness tool, Mindfulness is an ideal partner to Life Coaching and Creativity Coaching in helping you to understand yourself better and enjoying life more.


Mindfulness learned from an experienced teacher or coach can really complement and deepen your coaching experience. As there are a lot of misunderstandings about what mindfulness and meditation really are, it is important to learn mindfulness or meditation from someone who is experienced with an established long term training and practice.

About Zangmo Alexander

A qualified art teacher, coach and meditation teacher with an MA in Fine Art, I have been helping students and clients in colleges, the community and private practice to discover themselves and nurture their creativity for over 25 years. I am a member of the Association for Coaching and follow their code pf professional practice.

I  have practised mindfulness and meditation for over twenty years, and was a Buddhist nun for seven years before returning to lay life. I received meditation and mindfulness teachings from revered spiritual masters as well as participating in a secular 8 Week Mindfulness course with the University of Bangor. This has given me a deep understanding of the creative process and its relationship with mindfulness, meditation and self discovery.

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