There are many forms of meditation. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be able to stop thinking in order to learn to meditate. 

Meditation can be used just to relax and improve health and well being through mindfulness and Shamatha, or it can also lead to enlightenment, the permanent cessation of suffering, the waking up to the full realisation of who we really are at the deepest level. 

Calm Abiding (Shamatha) and Insight (Vipassana) meditation both entail practising Mindfulness, but go beyond mindfulness in their scope for personal transformation and working with the roller coaster of getting to know ourselves. You do not have to be Buddhist, or even religious, to practice Shamatha or Vipassana.

Shamatha Meditation involves learning to be aware of, settle and focus the busy, monkey mind, resulting in feeling more spacious,  appreciative, and at peace with a greater feeling of well being. 

Vipashyana Meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu school of Mahamudra includes meditating on who we are, the nature of mind and phenomena in an experiential way. It offers a full path to enlightenment.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness involves being aware of and paying attention to what is happening, as it is happening. This includes being aware of our experiences of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, feeling, emotions, thinking and energy.



So often preconceptions and fear prevent us from being creative. To be authentic and naturally creative, we need to cultivate a playful openness, spontaneity, humour, connectedness, awakeness, compassion, awareness and acceptance - all qualities developed through practising mindfulness and meditation.


Meditation can help us discover who we really are, our authenticity, beyond conditioning and suffering. This opens the door to creatively and compassionately expressing ourselves from this authenticity. If this is taken as an ongoing practice, art and meditation can become part of our spiritual path of inner awakening.


I offer personalised, confidential, one-to-one Mindful Creativity Workshops, Retreats and Sessions for individual reflection, self discovery and creative exploration in a confidential, safe, nurturing and relaxed space. 

A wide range of approaches is available depending on your interests and needs. This includes Art Teaching using a wide range of art materials, Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching, Creativity Coaching and techniques from Art Therapy to support and nurture your personal and creative development. 

Everyone with an open mind and a willingness to commit to their personal and creative development is welcome.
Previous experience is not necessary, as both art and meditation skills can be learned.


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  • Relax and Paint
    Chilling, being and doing

  • Meditate and Make
    Simple shamatha meditation, drawing and painting

  • Who am I?
    Begin to explore conditioning and the essence within

  • Art from the Heart
    Meditations opening to compassion for oneself and others and expressing this through art

  • Sensory Awareness Through Art
    Beginning to connect with the wisdom of expressive embodiment

  • Symbols, Archetypes
    Exploring how dreams, stories, inner voices, and personal myths may help connect us with our authenticity

  • Mandala Painting
    Journey from the centre, journey to the centre

  • Mindful Photography
    Seeing the world around us with awareness and presence

  • Themes or issues that you decide on

Enquiries 01379 897393 to chat about your interests and needs