There are many forms of meditation. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be able to stop thinking in order to learn to meditate. 

Meditations taught in these Art and Meditation Workshops and Courses are derived from the Buddhist tradition, and are presented in a simple, secular way. They are suitable for people of any faith or none.

Meditation can be used just to relax and improve health and well being through mindfulness and Shamatha, or it can also lead to enlightenment, the permanent cessation of suffering, the waking up to the full realisation of who we really are at the deepest level. 

Calm Abiding (Shamatha) and Insight (Vipashyana) meditations both entail practising Mindfulness, but can, with practice, go beyond mindfulness in their scope for personal transformation and working with the roller coaster of getting to know ourselves. You do not have to be Buddhist, or even religious, to practice Shamatha or Vipashyana.

Shamatha Meditation involves learning to be aware of, settle and focus the busy, monkey mind, resulting in feeling more spacious,  appreciative, and at peace with a greater feeling of well being. 

Vipashyana Meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu school of Mahamudra includes meditating on who we are, the nature of mind and phenomena in an experiential way. It offers a full path to enlightenment.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness involves being aware of and paying attention to what is happening, as it is happening. This includes being aware of our experiences of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, feeling, emotions, thinking and energy.


one-to-one or small group ART & MEDITATION and mindful photography WORKSHOPS

Private sessions personalised for your own interests -
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mindful photography.jpg

Mindful Photography


Increase awareness and appreciation of yourself and the everyday world through simple, inspiring exercises in mindful seeing and being using your camera. 

Please bring your own camera. There will be no instruction in using a camera, so please ensure you know how to use it.

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Introduction to Art and Meditation Workshop


We will learn simple awareness meditation and mindfulness exploring ways of integrating these with drawing and painting.

Suitable for complete beginners to both meditation and art. 

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mandala painting workshop.jpg

Mandala Painting Workshop


Mandalas are symbolic circles and other symmetrical shapes which occur in the sacred art of many traditions worldwide. Using simple mindfulness meditation we will design and paint our own mandalas.

Familiarity with art materials and some form of mindfulness is helpful. 

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mindful drawing workshop.jpg

Mindful Drawing Workshop


Explore ways of using mindfulness before, during and after drawing and painting.

Regular mindfulness or awareness meditation experience needed. Some familiarity with art materials is useful, but not essential. A willingness to play with art materials with an open mind is essential!

Phone 01379 897393 to arrange date and discuss requirements