Art Tuition Gift Vouchers -

Give a Gift of Creativity!

Gift Vouchers for

  • Personalised, One-to-One Art Lessons

  • Personalised One-to-One Photography Lessons

  • Art Breaks

  • Creativity Coaching Retreats

in Suffolk with Artist, Tutor, Creativity Coach and Mindfulness Teacher Zangmo Alexander

How to Purchase Your Art Tuition Gift Vouchers

  • Art Tuition Gift Vouchers are purchased by the hour at £25 per hour.
    Minimum purchase is 2 hours for £50, as you can't do much in an hour!
    Gift Vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue
  • Don't worry about what the recipient would like to do: the recipient and I decide that when they contact me after having received their Art Tuition Gift Voucher. It works much better that way, as people get to do what they want, which may not be what the person buying the voucher thinks they want to do!

All you need to do is:

  1. Decide how many hours (at £25 per hour) you would like to give as a gift voucher
  2. Phone me on 01379 897393 to ask any questions and to purchase your Gift Voucher
  3. I send you the Art Tuition Gift Voucher. It can be either one of my individually signed art cards, or I can email you the voucher so you get it immediately! It will say how many hours art tuition the gift voucher is for, and how to contact me
  4. Wait to see the big smile on the face of your happy recipient! 

Enquiries and to purchase Gift Vouchers: 01379 897393

Please note that Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash