Zangmo Alexander is a contemporary visual artist, art tutor, mindfulness coach and creativity coach in rural Suffolk, UK.

For Zangmo Alexander, making art is part of a path of inner self discovery and ultimately enlightenment. All her drawings, oil paintings, mixed media paintings, pastel paintings, photography and image/text pieces in some way are about mind, both in its worldly manifestation and in its timeless essence.

Zangmo Alexander's art work is in private and public collections in the UK, USA and Europe. She has appeared on Channel 4 and been invited as a guest speaker on Meditation and Art.

In addition to her visual art practice, Zangmo offers highly personalised, one-to-one Art and Photography Tuition, Art Retreats, Art Workshops, Mindfulness Coaching and Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching for individuals wishing to free their creativity, explore, discover and express themselves authentically and creatively.

If you would like to purchase Zangmo's art or have sessions with her, please phone her on 01379 897393 (UK), when Zangmo will be pleased to help you.

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